The cost is sharply cut down by carrying out overseas commission of the outsource development.
Fabrica Vietnam in collaboration with Fabrica Communications in Japan, offers a one-stop offshore development solutions.
Contacting was Fabrica Communications Co., LTD in Japan in charge, so customers do not need to order directly in Vietnam, but the construction and development remain as you intended.
In addition, customers can request to build a dedicated development team in Vietnam and direct the operation of that team.

Offshore development cost down 50%

Offshore development
High cost performance by utilizing overseas programmers. Reduce the hassle and anxiety regime by use double SE of Japan and Vietnam.
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Labo project development
Provide a local dedicated team for customers in units of the contract (6 months minimum), it is possible to introduce your development methodology.
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Operation and maintenance
In cooperation with Fabrica Communications Co., Ltd (in Japan), after development, your system can be operation and maintenance easy and adding more features when you need.
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Development language Objective-C / Java / C++ / C# / VC++ / PHP / JavaScript
Framework .NET Framework / CakePHP / Zend Framework
Database PostgreSQL / MySQL
Web server Apache / nginx